Established UVA Labs who are expanding to additional UVA space

For more information see Lab Moves & Moving In.

Established UVA Labs who are permanently vacating UVA space (including Retiring & Non-Retiring Faculty)


To assist any laboratory that plans to move laboratory equipment and/or hazardous materials (i.e. chemical, biological, radioactive). Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) assistance ensures that materials are moved safely and in compliance with federal, state or local regulations. EHS facilitates laboratory moves and relocations throughout the University and to other institutions, as well as laboratory closeout due to retirement.

Assistance is provided as a free service. With our expertise, the process is much easier than trying to do it by oneself.


  • Chemical and General Laboratory Closeout – Checklist for RETIRING Faculty (pdf | word)
  • Chemical and General Laboratory Closeout – Checklist for NON-RETIRING Faculty (pdf | word)
  • BSL-2 Laboratory Closeout – Checklist (pdf | word)

Who to contact

We may all be reached at the EHS main number 434-982-4911.

To schedule a laboratory decommission: Clarissa Lynch at

For chemical and general laboratory decommission questions:

For BSL-2 laboratory decommission questions: Vernell Hensley at

For radioactive decommission questions: Greg Payne at

Suggested timeline

Please contact us as soon as you know you are moving or shutting down your lab. Required preparation varies, but a general guideline is:

  • Schedule initial meeting 4 weeks prior to move
  • Ideal work stop time is 1-2 weeks prior to move
  • All equipment and surfaces decontaminated and tagged out 48 hours prior to move
  • Sign-off on vacated lab 1-2 weeks after move

Initial meeting

The initial meeting is for all key players (faculty and lab managers, EHS personnel, etc.) to meet for discussion on mutual expectations and needs. We will go over all the necessary steps to successfully closeout your lab space regarding transportation and removal of all hazardous material.

Follow-up and Closeout

Additional follow-up meetings leading up to day of move will be scheduled as necessary. After the move we will schedule a final walkthrough of the vacated lab and sign-off with either a lab member or department representative.

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