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Registration instructions for lasers used for patient care can be found here.

The versatility and power of lasers has produced new frontiers in research and medical treatment. Along with these advances is the recognition that there is potential for significant injury from lasers. The privilege to use lasers at the University of Virginia, in academics and the health system, requires each individual user to follow and adhere to the UVA Laser Safety Program.

All Class 3B and 4 lasers (not used for patient care) must be registered with the University’s Laser Safety Office!
Safety protocols for laser activities must be approved prior to laser use!

Laser applications in research projects across the globe are growing in many areas of endeavor such as physics, chemistry, material science, engineering and healthcare. Many research activities involving lasers are occurring here at UVA. Principle Investigators and Faculty of research laboratories and teaching facilities that employ Class 3B and 4 lasers are required to do the following:

  1. Register the laser(s), prior to use, with the University Laser Safety Officer (LSO) via the UVA Laser Registry (log-in).
  2. Develop a written Laser Safety Manual describing your lab’s specific procedures and precautions when utilizing laser light.
  3. Identify all laser users in your research group with potential to use the laser or to be present during laser operations and ensure each research group member completes laser safety training (log-in) prior to working in the lab.
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