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Only persons who are trained in accordance with OSHA's Lead Standard 29 CFR 1926.62 shall perform activities that involve disturbance of lead-containing building materials (i.e. repainting, renovations, building component removal, etc.).

Only persons who have been trained in accordance with the EPA's Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule shall perform activities that involve disturbance of lead-based paint in university-owned residential buildings. This regulation requires additional certifications, training, and precautions for personnel who disturb LBP in residential buildings on grounds; this training must be provided by external EPA accredited trainers. Refer to the "Current List of University RRP Buildings" for the affected buildings shown below.

Required Training

Lead in Construction (3 Hours)
Required training for Facilities Management tradespersons who are required to disturb lead-containing materials at work. This training takes approximately 3 hours. Attendees will receive information about lead hazards, the nature of operations that could lead to lead exposure, the content of the OSHA standard, the proper use of respirators, engineering controls and good work practices, and a review of the University’s medical surveillance and lead management policies. Participants will be qualified to handle and/or disturb lead-containing materials. All participants are required to be enrolled in the University’s respirator program.
No online module, in-person training only. Contact EHS at 434.982.4911 to schedule.
Lead in Construction Refresher
Available online (log-in)
Required annual refresher training for employees who have completed initial 3-Hour Lead in Construction training. Participants will receive a brief overview of all components of the "Lead in Construction (3 Hours)" training.

UVA Buildings Affected by the "RRP" Rule (as of 01-09-2019)

Target Housing

  • 102 Cresap Dr (Slavic House)
  • 118 Oakhurst Circle
  • Barringer Mansion (French House)
  • Birdwood Houses
  • Carr's Hill President's House and Guest Cottage
  • Copeley Hill I & II Apts
  • Fan Mt Cottage
  • McGuffey Cottage
  • Monroe Hill House, Cottage, and Range
  • Montebello
  • Morea House
  • Observatory Houses (Vyssotsky, Alden)
  • Orchard House
  • Pavilions I-VI, VIII-X
  • Piedmont Faculty Housing (Houses, Apts, Farmhouse)
  • The Mews
  • University Gardens Apts

Note : All pre-1978 residential buildings are considered "target housing". Also, any pre-1978 building converted to residential will then be considered "target housing".

The following buildings were converted from residential to office space and are not considered "Target Housing": Rugby Rd Faculty Apartments, Faulkner Carriage House, Sunnyside (Duke) House, Hedge House, Hotel D, and 108 Cresap Dr.

"Zero bedroom dwelling units" are exempt from the RRP rule. Dormitories are considered zero bedroom dwelling units.

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