View our video describing UVA‘s Biosafety e-Manual.

The Biosafety e-Manual outlines procedures for using and disposing of agents and materials handled at Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2). All University laboratories using BSL-2 agents must comply with the procedures in this manual.

Similarly, in shared spaces and researchers who work in communal areas must read and sign each other’s biosafety manuals.

The Biosafety e-Manual automatically integrates PI-specific information from the PI’s Inventory and Activity Registration (IAR) into the existing Biosafety Manual template, creating one document that streamlines and simplifies biosafety compliance efforts across the research community. See picture below.

What stays the same?

No changes to the IAR registration process, including updates or modifications.

A printed manual (now the Biosafety e-Manual), including the Signature & Acknowledgement of Risk page must be available for presentation during lab visits.

What is different?

No manual fill sections - information automatically ported into pertinent sections.

No Appendices A, B, C & D – automatically integrated into the Biosafety e-Manual.

No signature pages for Hepatitis B (HBV) or other vaccines (Appendix C).

PIs, Contact Persons, and PI Associates access the Biosafety e-Manual for viewing/printing through the IAR webpage Log-in (the original Biosafety manual is no longer available as a template download from this website).

Researchers will be emailed a link to the updated PDF of the Biosafety e-Manual when updates or changes occur.

What do I need to do?

Print a copy of your Biosafety e-Manual. Go here Log-in and find the "pdf" link associated with the PI to download, save, and print now or prior to your next lab visit.

Contact UVA WorkMed directly for instruction on receiving HBV vaccination, other vaccinations, titers, or vaccination declinations, instead of signing the HBV or Appendix C signature page (i.e., for other offered vaccinations Tdap, vaccinia, etc.).

Give your HBV or Appendix C signature pages to EHS Biosafety. Vernell Hensley will begin collecting these for transfer to UVA WorkMed, who will now store all vaccination records. Alternatively, you may email or fax pages directly to UVA WorkMed: Scan/email to:, fax: 434-243-0078.

The EHS Biosafety team will promote ongoing awareness of the Biosafety e-Manual through laboratory visits, revision of training modules and active outreach. Please feel free to contact us directly with questions - 434.982.4911 or or

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