Chemical Storage

Safe chemical storage practices can reduce the risk of injury or exposure, and damage to property. Fire codes, along with best practice, drive the requirements and recommendations for storing hazardous chemicals at the University of Virginia (UVA).

The nature of facilities at UVA makes chemical storage a challenge. Complicating the issue is the nature of the chemicals themselves and the diversity of research. These guidelines are to be used as general rules. The only way to truly store items by compatibility is to check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Below you will see tables and download links for chemical storage guidelines and a "quick guide" for chemical storage by compatibility.

If you have a question about chemical storage, or to request large prints of the tables displayed below, contact EHS’s Chemical Safety Group at 434.982.4911 or email Clarissa Lynch at cl9ev@virginia.edu or Jim Reese at jgr2y@virginia.edu.

Quick Guide for Chemical Storage by Compatibility

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Chemical Storage Guide

Always refer to the SDS.
This guide is not meant to cover all possible scenarios.
Contact UVA’s Chemical Safety Group with questions at 434.982.4911!
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