Dosimetry Program (badges)


Dosimeters are used to monitor your occupational dose from radioactive material or radiation-producing equipment. VDH regulations require UVA to provide dosimetry to individuals likely to receive a radiation dose in excess of 500 mrem in one year and that certain individuals wear lead protection aprons to reduce this exposure. Please review this PowerPoint file regarding the specific regulations, requirements, and proper lead attire.

The University's Radiation Safety Program strives, to the extent practicable, to maintain doses at levels that are As Low As (is) Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). For those individuals working in the research laboratory setting, dosimeters will be issued based on the radionuclides and total activity that will be used. Dosimeters will be issued to x-ray producing equipment users in the medical center in accordance with radiology and other medical center policies.

Please note that alpha and low-energy beta radiation will not be detected by these dosimeters and therefore, dosimeters are not issued to individuals using only alpha or low energy beta emitting nuclides. These types of radiation are not penetrating and do not contribute to whole body or deep doses.

It is the responsibility of each department or PI to identify new users who will be working with sources of radiation and advise them to contact EHS regarding the need for a dosimeter.

Radioisotope(s) Activity (mCi) Type of Monitoring
C-14, H-3, P-33 & S-35 any amount none required
P-32 < 6 mCi none required
>= 6 mCi
< 30 mCi
ring dosimeter
>= 30 mCi ring dosimeter & whole body dosimeter
Ca-45 < 50 mCi none required
>= 50 mCi ring dosimeter
Low Energy Gamma Ray Emitters
< 200 keV (e.g. I-123, I-125, Tc-99m, Tl-201)
< 50 mCi none required
>= 50 mCi ring dosimeter & whole body dosimeter
High Energy Gamma Ray Emitters
>= 200 keV (e.g. Cr-51, I-131, Co-60, Cs-137)
< 2 mCi none required
>= 2 mCi
< 5 mCi
ring dosimeter
>= 5 mCi ring dosimeter & whole body dosimeter
X-ray producing equipment in patient care All operating personnel and personnel in the immediate area
(within 2 meters from the x-ray source while it is operative)
whole body dosimeter
X-ray producing equipment in academic/research Dependent on type of equipment and output.
Contact Radiation Safety before applying
whole body dosimeter

Applying for a Dosimeter

Before a dosimeter can be issued, the applicant MUST:
  1. Complete radiation safety training (see below).
  2. Complete, and submit to EHS, a Dosimeter Application:
  3. Understand prudent practices for wearing a dosimeter (see Instructions for Use of Dosimeter below).

For dosimeter wearers who become pregnant, by completing the Declaration of Pregnancy Form, it allows UVA to provide you with a fetal monitoring dosimeter. This dosimeter will monitor the exposure during your pregnancy and help UVA to "ensure that the dose equivalent to the embryo/fetus during the entire pregnancy, due to the occupational exposure of a declared pregnant woman, does not exceed 0.5 rem (5 mSv)".

University of Virginia Policy ID:SEC-010 - Radiation Protection during Pregnancy contains addtional information.

Finally, it is important to return your dosimeter each month or quarter for timely processing by Landauer. Dosimetry needs to be returned within 7 days of the wearing period. Radiation Safety Office staff will provide each department with their new dosimeters and then pick up the returned dosimeters. Your department will be charged for late or unreturned dosimeters. If you have additional questions, call the Radiation Safety Office at 434.982.4942.

Required Radiation Safety Training for Issuance of Radiation Dosimeter

Applicants who will work with Radioactive Material (RAM)
Applicants working around ionizing radiation (RAM or X-ray) in a patient care environment
Applicants working around ionizing radiation (RAM or X-ray) in an academic/research environment
Applicants with Previous Radiation Safety Training

If you have completed radiation safety training at another institution and have documentation of such, you do not need to complete either of the above mentioned Radiation Safety Training Modules. Please document the course name and date of completion on the dosimeter application.

Department Dosimetry Coordinators

Dosimeters for each UVA individual is given to the department dosimetry coordinator. You will receive your badge from this individual and will exchange your dosimeter with this individual at the required time. The Radiation Safety Office will be providing these individuals will the dosimetry reports from Landauer. You may ask them for your reported exposure. The Radiation Safety Office will also be providing these individuals the annual exposure report (Form 5) and ask them to distribute to each badged individual in their department.

See "Academic" badge list here.

See Medical "monthly" badge list here.

See Medical "quarterly" badge list here.

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