The Radiation Safety program is managed by the Radiation Safety Officer. The Radiation Safety Officer is a member of the Radiation Safety Committee.

The Committee reports to the Vice President for Research.

Charge - The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is charged with the oversight of all use of radioactive material permitted under the University of Virginia’s radioactive materials license. The committee works with executive management and the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to implement the radiation safety program and to help in establishing policies and procedures for managing this program. The RSC serves as an effective collegial group responsible for ensuring that a quality radiation safety program is developed, implemented, and supported. The mission is to maintain radiation exposure to users, staff, patients and the general public as low as reasonably achievable and to ensure that operations are in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. This responsibility is accomplished through delegation of authority to various persons and subcommittees with specific expertise in areas under their purview.

Committee Structure - The Committee, appointed by the Vice President for Research, consists of a chairperson, the RSO and up to 20 faculty/staff members from selected areas within the Academic Division and the Health System consistent with the guidelines provided by the Virginia Department of Health’s Radiological Health Program. The RSC membership represents all radiological expertise or skill sets that complement the RSC mission needed for activities covered under our license and reflects a diversity of expertise and knowledge required to perform its oversight mission.

Membership and Terms as of June 3, 2020
Stuart Berr, Chair - (2012-2022)
David T. Auble - (2018-2020)
Hunter Beverley - (2019-2020)
Ashley Blurton - (2018-2020)
Jamieson M. Bourque - (2018-2020)
James Carnes - (2018-2020)
Steven Glorieux - (2020-2022)
Allen R. Goode - (2020-2022)
David J. Hudson - (2020-2022)
Debra Hinton - (2020-2022)
Lale Kostakoglu - (2020-2022)
Bruce Libby - (2020-2022)
Joann Phillips - (2018-2020)
Patrice K. Rehm - (2018-2020)
Matthew Riding - (2018-2020)
Kara Romano - (2019-2020)
David J. Schlesinger - (2020-2022)
Timothy Showalter - (2018-2020)
Jeffrey Siebers - (2020-2022)
Mike Welling - (2018-2020)
Andrew J. Taylor - (2020-2022)
Marianne S. Yencken - (2018-2020)
Michael Sobczak - (2018-2020)
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