A number of our students engage in "hands-on" learning experiences as part of their education at the University of Virginia. In fact this trend is on the increase at the University. Introducing technological advances and robust powered equipment to the marginally "hands-on" experienced student can present some challenges.

University faculty and staff who create and oversee these experiences have a responsible role to recognize risks inherent in the tasks, processes and environment and to prepare accordingly to prevent injuries as a result of these risks. Injuries can be very significant when powerful equipment is used (such as amputations if equipment is not properly guarded or the operator is insufficiently trained). A fatality can even occur because of the extent of injuries or from an electrocution if protective covers are removed exposing live conductors or equipment wiring is damaged. Here are just a few of the many hands-on learning experiences our students pursue.

UVA Policies

ID: SEC-005 - Safety of Students Working in Laboratories, Shops and Studios

Fire Safety - Fire Safety in Labs, Shops, & Studios Training
Recommended training for persons who work in laboratories, shops and studios. Training helps familiarize users to the unique fire safety considerations in an academic setting. This module will provide background on fire prevention code, common fire code issues, situations or conditions that could lead to a fire, and what you can do to prevent a fire. Available online Log-in here.

Safety Program for Shops, Studios & Makerspaces
The Safety Program, created with collaboration between Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and the UVA Maker Grounds Safety Committee, provides current information for safety measures and best safety practices to eliminate or minimize risks. The Program's success strongly depends on the Maker Grounds community's active participation to share ideas and promote a safety culture.

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