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Radiation Survey Instruments (Calibration)

All survey instruments used for required surveys must be calibrated annually. During calibration, your instruments will also be checked for proper operation and efficiencies will be recalculated.

All calibrations are performed by EHS staff free of charge unless the instrument needs repair or we are unable to perform the task

All radiation instruments ordered or brought to UVA must be approved by EHS and delivered to EHS prior to being used by the lab. This ensures that the instrument is entered into our database and can be tracked for calibration.

Contact Greg Payne about Instruments and Calibrations at 434-982-4942 or 434.982.4911.

Information on proper use and maintenance of survey instruments can be found in section 20 of the University Radiation Safety Guide.

We have also created a short video demonstrating how to properly opcheck and survey with your laboratory radiation survey instrument.

Watch EHS’s Geiger Counter video: wmv | mov

Vendor List

The University of Virginia has provided this vendor list as an information source ONLY. The listing of a particular group or company is NOT an endorsement by the University of Virginia.

Survey Instruments

Atlantic Nuclear Corp. (ANC) - Radiation instruments and accessories. Also, ANC designs and manufacturers standard and custom radiation shielding, from Pb pigs to Pb-lined prehung doors.
(Ludlum Distributor)
Phone: 781-828-9118
Fax: 781-828-1319

Ludlum Measurement, Inc.
P.O. Box 810
501 Oak Street
Sweetwater, TX 79556
Phone: 800-622-0828 / 325-235-5494
Fax: 325-235-4672

Eberline Instruments / Thermo Electron Corp.
P.O. Box 2108
504 Airport Road
Santa Fe, NM 87504-2108
Phone: 505-471-3232
Fax: 505-473-9221

Radiation monitors, calibration and dosimetry.

Cardinal Health (Victoreen Instruments)
6000 Cochran Road
Cleveland, OH 44139
Phone: 800-850-4608
Fax: 440-248-9300

Microprocessor-based Nuclear Instrumentation, Radiation Monitoring Equipment, Electrometers. Calibration of hand held survey meters.

Phone: 800-887-7780

Liquid Scintillation Counting Equipment

Beckman Instruments

Packard Instrument Company

WALLAC (formerly LKB)

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