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You must return your completed application (form) to our office for review and approval!


  • Principal Investigator: The PI application will be reviewed by a Health Physicist, the Radiation Safety Officer, and two members of the RSC. If approved during this initial review, the application will be submitted to the RSC for vote of approval. Upon approval, the new user will receive a letter of authorization that is sent to him or her from the Radiation Safety Officer on behalf of the Radiation Safety Committee.
  • General User (GU) & Qualified User (QU) Applications: Applications for GU and QU status must be signed by the responsible PI. The application is reviewed by several members of the Radiation Safety Staff to ensure completeness and to determine that the laboratory will be adequately equipped to handle the materials described in the application. It is also reviewed to determine if the individual has completed the required training. If the application is determined to be complete, it is then reviewed by and approved by a staff Health Physicist and the RSO. The GU and QU applicants will be formally approved by the RSC at the next meeting.
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