Hazardous Chemicals are used by nearly all of the research labs at the University of Virginia (UVA), as well as in many of the construction, maintenance and housekeeping operations performed on UVA grounds. On these pages you will find useful information regarding the policies and procedures that UVA has implemented to keep you and the environment safe from hazardous chemical exposure.

Basic Chemical Safety and Hazardous (Chemical) Waste collection information can be found in UVA's Hazard Communication ("Right-to-Know") document.

More detailed Chemical Safety and Hazardous (Chemical) Waste collection information can be found in UVA's Chemical Hygiene Plan.

By making available, to all faculty, staff and students, the Hazard Communication ("Right-to-Know") and Chemical Hygiene Plan documents that it is the goal of the University to communicate the potential hazards which are present when handling hazardous chemicals and to describe the proper methods of collecting Hazardous (Chemical) Waste, thus reducing the number of chemically related occupational illnesses and injuries, and protecting the environment.

UVA Policies

ID: SEC-003 - Chemical Safety and Waste Training

ID:SEC-004 - Collection and Disposal of Regulated Hazardous Materials & Hazardous (Chemical) Waste

ID: SEC-022 - Personal Protective Equipment

ID: VPRS-001 - Prohibition of Food and Drink in Research Laboratories

Aerosol Can Disposal
Aerosol cans are prohibited from being thrown in the trash at UVA!

Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality requires that all aerosol cans (unused, partially used, damaged, & empty) be collected as Hazardous Waste.

The EHS Chemical and Laboratory Safety group periodically inspects all laboratories and educational shops, studios, and makerspaces across UVA. EHS also inspects select non-academic University spaces that utilize chemicals and generate hazardous waste.

Satellite Accumulation Areas
Satellite Accumulation Areas are the areas in labs or work spaces where hazardous waste containers are stored when full. Waste must not be transferred from the "point of generation" through a public corridor to a Satellite Accumulation Area.

New Regulations require the posting of this sign in the Satellite Accumulation Areas at the University.

Chemical Safety - Enthalpy Wheel Orientation
Available online (log-in)
Recommended training for persons handling chemicals in laboratories served by ventilation systems containing enthalpy wheels. Training includes an orientation to the wheels and the necessary safety measures for research personnel.

Fire Safety - Fire Safety in Labs, Shops, & Studios
Available online (log-in)
Recommended training for persons who work in laboratories, shops and studios. Training helps familiarize users to the unique fire safety considerations in an academic setting. This module will provide background on fire prevention code, common fire code issues, situations or conditions that could lead to a fire, and what you can do to prevent a fire.

Safety Data Sheets
EHS and UVA Health System are in partnership to provide the UVA community with access to a searchable web-based SDS library. Each department, laboratory, or unit is responsible for ensuring up-to-date SDSs are available for the hazardous chemicals used in their workspace.

Task Force on Laboratory Safety (APLU)
The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) has formed the Task Force on Laboratory Safety to provide research universities with recommendations and guidance on the most appropriate strategies to enhance a culture of laboratory safety.

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