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Chemical Safety Plans

Hazardous Chemicals are used by nearly all of the research labs at the University of Virginia (UVA), as well as in many of the construction, maintenance and housekeeping operations performed on UVA grounds.

UVA's Hazard Communication ("Right-to-Know") document (word | pdf) contains basic Chemical Safety and Hazardous (Chemical) Waste collection information.

UVA's Chemical Hygiene Plan document (word | pdf) contains more detailed Chemical Safety and Hazardous (Chemical) Waste collection information.

By making available, to all faculty, staff and students, the Hazard Communication ("Right-to-Know") and Chemical Hygiene Plan documents that it is the goal of the University to communicate the potential hazards which are present when handling hazardous chemicals and to describe the proper methods of collecting Hazardous (Chemical) Waste, thus reducing the number of chemically related occupational illnesses and injuries, and protecting the environment.

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