The Radiation Safety Program’s primary objective is to ensure that operations involving radioactive material are conducted according to policies and procedures designed to adequately protect public health and safety and maintain exposures ALARA. Regulatory compliance and consultation on the safe use of radioactive materials and analytical radiation producing equipment are key components of the program. We strive to be responsive to the needs of the University and the individual user.

The goals of the radiation safety program are:
- to ensure that use of radioactive material is properly managed,
- to provide for the safety of the user and the environment, and
- to be responsive to the needs of the University and the individual user.

Responsibilities and Services:

training personnel in the safe use of radioactive material

administering the personnel and environmental dosimetry program

procurement of all radioactive material

shipment and receipt of all radioactive material for the University

collecting, packaging, and disposing of all radioactive waste

performing routine laboratory inspections

commissioning and decommissioning of all radioactive material use areas

emergency response

providing information and advice to individuals who have questions about radiation

calibration of radiation survey instruments

UVA Policies

ID: SEC-004 - Disposal of Regulated (Hazardous) Materials

ID: VPRS-001 - Prohibition of Food and Drink in Research Laboratories

ID: SEC-010 - Radiation Protection during Pregnancy

ID: SEC-031 - Required Reporting of "Events" Involving Radiation Exposure or Radioactive Material

ID: SEC-009 - Utilization of Radioactive Materials

Lead Used for Radiation Shielding
Periodically during inspections of radioactive material use areas, we find "bare" lead bricks and other pieces of lead shielding. These items must be coated or painted in some manner to prevent the spread of lead dust due to oxidation and potential transfer of lead to individuals handling these materials with bare hands. If you are using lead for shielding and it is not "encapsulated", please contact radiation safety for assistance with encapsulation.

Do not dispose of lead in the regular trash or in radioactive or hazardous waste containers.

All disposal of lead should be through EHS.

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Mike Welling
UVA Radiation Safety Officer
Radioactive Material Buyer, 434-243-1167
Shane Thomas Crider
Shane Crider
Radiation Safety Technician, 434-982-1396
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Nick Dorrell
UVA Health Physicist, 434-982-4917
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Michael Myrsten
Senior Radiation Safety Technician
Radioactive Material Buyer, 434-297-6367
Greg Payne
Senior Radiation Safety Technician, 434-982-4942
Tim Quesenberry
Radiation Dosimetry
Senior Radiation Safety Technician, 434-243-3010
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Damian Ream
Radiation Safety Technician, 434-982-4918
Trevor Thomas
Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, 434-243-2438
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