Only a Principal Investigator (for Possession and Use of Radioactive Material) (PI) and Qualified Users (with written permission) are allowed to order radioactive material.

If you are unsure of your user status, please check with Environmental Health & Safety (434-982-4911) before proceeding!

You will need to have the following in place before you can place an order for Radioactive Material at the University of Virginia:

  • First, you must have a computer attached to the UVA network.
  • Second, you need to have the Integrated System/Oracle program installed on your computer to connect to the UVA mainframe.
  • Third, you must have a UVA Marketplace Shopper or PO Purchaser responsibility that allows you to place orders in the Intergrated System.

When you have completed the above tasks, you can place an order for Radioactive Materials.

Ordering Radioactive Materials

When ordering Radioactive Materials, there are some important steps that needs to be followed to ensure that the radioactive order will be routed directly to the Environmental Health & Safety Buyer.

Regardless of whether a catalog order or Non-catalog order is created the most important requirement is entering the correct Expenditure type. The correct expenditure type is:  Supplies, Lab, Radioactive.

It is also preferred that all radioactive orders be placed using the catalog form. The unit of measure automatically defaults to "each". DO NOT CHANGE.

In addition, a new delivery location code (DLC) has been established that is specific only to radioactive orders and each department. These codes will have the purchasing unit code as the first two characters, followed by "XEHS". Please be sure to use this new code when placing your radioactive order.

For instructions on how to enter an order in the UVA Marketplace visit the Integrated System website.

Below are some screen shots to show how an order for radioactive products should be entered. If the order is handled correctly EHS will place the order with the supplier, receive it and deliver to the lab expeditiously.

web page

Once the product is added to the cart and submitted the Shopper will have the opportunity to enter the correct expenditure type as shown below.

web page

For questions, contact (434-982-4919).

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