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Waste Types

Aerosol cans - all unwanted cans (unused, partially used, damaged, & empty) Animal Bedding and Animal Cages (Biohazardous or uncontaminated) Animal Bedding and Animal Cages (Radioactive)
Animal carcasses (NOT containing hazardous chemical, biological, or radiological materials) Animal carcasses (Biohazardous) Animal carcasses (Radioactive)
Biohazardous Waste Biohazardous Waste - Animal carcasses, Biohazardous or ABSL-2 carcasses Biohazardous Waste - Biohazardous Tissue Culture Waste Biohazardous Waste - Human Body Fluids Biohazardous Waste - Sharps (needles, Pasteur pipettes, broken glassware, etc.)
Biotoxins (biologically derived toxins, with LD50 of less than 100 µg/kg of body weight)
Biological Waste (BSL-1) - Non-biohazardous microorganisms, vectors, rDNA (unregulated), or tissue culture Biological Waste (BSL-1) - Tissue culture other than Human or NHP (ex: murine, avian, insect, plant)
Biotoxins - Biologically derived toxins requiring BSL-2 containment (LD50 of less than 100 µg/kg of body weight in vertebrates)
Cadaveric Materials - Human cadavers and recognizable human body parts
Chemical Waste
Controlled Substances
Glassware (NOT contaminated with hazardous materials), Broken Glassware, Waste Laboratory Glassware
Hazardous (Chemical) Waste Hazardous (Chemical) Waste - Biotoxins (biologically derived toxins, with LD50 of less than 100 µg/kg of body weight) Hazardous (Chemical) Waste - Uranium
Hospital Waste (generated in patient care areas)
"Hospital Like" Waste (research labs - e.g. IV tubing, bags, and containers without blood, hazardous chemicals or sharps)
Lamps & Bulbs (e.g.Fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge bulbs, etc.)
Radioactive Waste Radioactive Waste - Animal carcasses / pathologic waste Radioactive Waste - Bulk Liquid Waste (aqueous liquid waste with volume > 50ml) Radioactive Waste - Dry Solid Materials (latex gloves, paper, glassware, capped biosafe scintillation vials, etc.) Radioactive Waste - Lead Radioactive Waste - Mixed Waste (aqueous liquid waste with volume > 50ml with EPA-listed Hazardous Chemicals) Radioactive Waste - Sharps (needles, Pasteur pipettes, broken glassware, etc.) Radioactive Waste - Uranium
Sharps (Biohazardous, Trace Chemical, or Uncontaminated) Sharps (Radioactive)

Other materials and containers:

  • Empty Chemical Containers
    • Empty Chemical Containers should be triple rinsed, collecting the 3 rinsates as Hazardous (Chemical) Waste, and any labels on the containers should be defaced. The dry and empty container can then be placed in your regular trash or taken to a dumpster.
  • Recyclable Materials
    • Contact UVA Recycling at 434-982-5050 to arrange for the recycling of your material.

If your Waste Type is not shown on this page, call us at 434-982-4911!

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