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Satellite Accumulation Areas

A Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) is simply the area in a lab or work space where full hazardous waste containers are stored. Per regulations, it must be "near the point of generation." This isn’t rigidly defined, but is understood to be in the same room or series of rooms, if connected.

Note: areas where containers reside as they are in the process of being filled are not SAAs. The SAA is the area where the containers are stored once they are full.

The only change required by this new regulation is the posting of the Satellite Accumulation Area which can be seen and downloaded below.

There is no need to try to define the boundaries of the Satellite Accumulation Area.

EHS will provide an SAA sign when we encounter areas in need of posting.

Download a printable pdf of the sign to post a sign in your Satellite Accumulation Area.

Satellite Accumulation Area Sign

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