DURC - Institutional Review Entity (IRE)

The Institutional Review Entity (IRE) reviews any research or work conducted at, or on behalf of the University of Virginia that involves one of the 15 agents or toxins* and any categories of experiments designated as Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) by the United States Government Policy for Institutional Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern or DURC.

DURC is life sciences research that, based on current understanding, can be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, information, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat with broad potential consequences to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, material, or national security.

IRE Charge - pdf


The IRE will ensure that all research involving the acquisition, use, handling storage and disposal of DURC materials is reviewed for DURC potential. Furthermore, the committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed research subject to DURC conducted by faculty, staff, students and/or visiting scientists, creating draft mitigation plans when required, and submitting these plans to the United States Government (USG) agency funding the proposed research. If the research is non-Federally funded the plan is submitted to NIH for review or referral. The IRE will also annually review active mitigation plans, and report any changes in DURC or mitigations plans to the appropriate USG agency within 30 days.

*DURC research applies to the following agents and categories of experiments:

  • Agents:
    1. Avian influenza virus (highly pathogenic)
    2. Bacillus anthracis
    3. Botulinum neurotoxin (note: there are no exempt quantities of botulinum neurotoxin. Research involving any quantity of botulinum neurotoxin is included.)
    4. Burkholderia mallei
    5. Burkholderia pseudomallei
    6. Ebola virus (BSL4)
    7. Foot-and-mouth disease virus
    8. Francisella tularensis
    9. Marburg virus (BSL4)
    10. Reconstructed 1918 Influenza virus
    11. Rinderpest virus
    12. Toxin-producing strains of Clostridium botulinum
    13. Variola major virus (BSL4)
    14. Variola minor virus
    15. Yersinia pestis
  • Categories of experiments:
    1. Enhance the harmful consequences of a biological agent or toxin
    2. Disrupt immunity or effectiveness of an immunization against a biological agent or toxin without clinical or agricultural justification
    3. Confer to a biological agent or toxin resistance to clinically and/or agriculturally useful prophylactic or therapeutic interventions against that agent or toxin or facilitate their ability to evade detection methodologies
    4. Increase the stability, transmissibility, or the ability to disseminate the agent or toxin;
    5. Alter the host range or tropism of the agent or toxin
    6. Enhance the susceptibility of a host population to a biological agent or toxin
    7. Generation of a novel pathogenic agent, or reconstitution of an eradicated or extinct biological agent

IRE Meeting Schedule

If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact Paul Skoglund at ps5d@virginia.edu or 434-243-0726, by the date the Registration Documents are due.

Note: All meetings are held on the first Tuesday except moved back two days to Thursday in January 2024 (to avoid the meeting being first thing after break) and November (to avoid the UVA Election Day holiday on the first Tuesday).

Date of IRE Meeting Date Registration (Progress reports) Documents are due
January 4th, 2024 (Thursday) December 18th, 2023
February 6th, 2024 January 24th, 2024
March 5th, 2024 February 21st, 2024
April 2nd, 2024 March 22nd, 2024
May 7th, 2024 April 24th, 2024
June 4th, 2024 May 22nd, 2024
July 2nd, 2024 June 18th, 2024
August 6th, 2024 July 24th, 2024
September 3rd, 2024 August 21st, 2024
October 1st, 2024 September 18th, 2024
November 7th, 2024 (Thursday) October 23rd, 2024
December 3rd, 2024 November 19th, 2024
January 7th, 2025 December 17th, 2024

IRE Members

Prof. Glynis L. Kolling
IRE Chair
Research Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Marie Burdick
IRE Member
Principal Scientist
Department of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Prof. Matthew Crawford
IRE Member
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Infectious Disease

Jennifer Kershner
UVA Biosafety Officer
Alternate Responsible Official (Select Agents)

Tom Leonard
IRE Member
Responsible Official (Select Agents)
Director - Environmental Health & Safety

Raphael Malbrue
IRE Member
Director - Center for Comparative Medicine

Prof. Aaron L. Mills
IRE Member
Department of Environmental Sciences

Prof. Brett Moreau
IRE Member
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Infectious Disease

Prof. Ira Schulman
IRE Member
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacology

Paul Skoglund
IRE Coordinator

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