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UVA Policy ID: SEC-045: COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirement - Face Masks, Physical Distancing, Events and Gatherings, and Visitors

Face Coverings Compared - Homemade vs. Masks vs. Respirators

Aerosol Can Disposal - Aerosol cans are prohibited from being thrown in the trash at UVA! Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality requires that all unwanted aerosol cans (unused, partially used, damaged, & empty) be collected as Hazardous Waste.

Lead Used for Radiation Shielding - Periodically during inspections of radioactive material use areas, we find "bare" lead bricks and other pieces of lead shielding. These items must be coated or painted in some manner to prevent the spread of lead dust due to oxidation and potential transfer of lead to individuals handling these materials with bare hands. If you are using lead for shielding and it is not "encapsulated", contact radiation safety for assistance with encapsulation. NEVER dispose of lead in the regular trash or in radioactive or hazardous waste containers. All lead bricks must be disposed of through EHS-Radiation Safety.

Biosafety e-Manual - The Biosafety e-Manual automatically integrates PI-specific information from the PI’s Inventory and Activity Registration (IAR) into the existing Biosafety Manual template, creating one document that streamlines and simplifies biosafety compliance efforts across the research community.

Safety Data Sheets - EHS and UVA Health System are in partnership to provide the UVA community with access to a searchable web-based SDS library. Each department, laboratory, or unit is responsible for ensuring up-to-date SDSs are available for the hazardous chemicals used in their workspace.

Laser Registry - All Class 3B and 4 lasers (not used for patient care) MUST be registered with the University’s Laser Safety Office and safety protocols for proposed activities approved prior to use.

AAV - Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors - Policy for Biosafety Level Assignment

Vaccinia - Vaccination Policy

Zika Virus Disease Update - VA, Dept. of Health

Zika Virus Risk Assessment - ABSA International

Zika Virus FAQ - UVAToday (Dr. William Petri)

Task Force on Laboratory Safety (APLU) - The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) has formed the Task Force on Laboratory Safety to provide research universities with recommendations and guidance on the most appropriate strategies to enhance a culture of laboratory safety.

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