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Ergonomics Task Force

Mission and Values Statement

We value the roles of our University Community (faculty, staff, students). We strive to provide them with resources/expertise which will allow them to develop and implement their own ergonomics program.

The key to implementing a successful ergonomics program is offering ongoing resources, educational training, and worksite analysis to promote a healthy and productive working environment.

Our mission:

  • survey awareness (or lack of) of Ergonomics within the University community
  • identify and assess needs and risk factors at worksites
  • provide training & education to faculty, staff and students
  • provide resources to UVA faculty, staff and students so that they may be empowered to proactively implement changes to improve safety, comfort, and function at their worksites

We achieve our mission by:

  • assessing needs through surveys and requests
  • coordinating individual worksite analysis
  • providing group education/workshops, and
  • supplementing with ongoing updates/resources

Our task force combines expertise from a variety of areas within our University's academic and medical communities to achieve excellence in providing comprehensive information. We seek to create an ergonomically informed workforce and to promote a culture wherein employees and students are encouraged to make reasonable improvements at their worksites.

We remain dedicated to help our University Community develop and implement an Ergonomics program which will comply with possible future Federal Regulations and will be specific to the users within each department.

Taskforce Members

Marianne Yencken (Chair)
Ergonomics, Occupational Safety
Environmental Health & Safety
e-mail: msy8db@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 243-1725, (434) 422-2373
fax: (434) 243-1735
Garth Anderson
Resource Center Manager
Facilities Management
e-mail: ga9p@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 982-5367
fax: (434) 982-4628
Amy Wells
Interior Designer
Facilities Management
e-mail: aef8de@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 982-4617
Rebecca (Becky) Bowers
Audiovisual Technician
Nursing School
e-mail: rdb7w@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 924-0133
fax: (434) 982-1809
Suzanne E. Bombard
Training Specialist
University of Virginia Library
e-mail: seb8v@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 982-2618
Wanda C. Sanford
Fiscal Technician Sr.
University of Virginia Library
e-mail: wsm7h@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 924-3118
fax: (434) 924-3143
Wilma Lynch
Administrative Services Manager
Health Sciences Library
e-mail: wjl5u@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 982-3605
fax: (434) 982-4238
Lori Ponton, ASID
Senior Buyer/Designer
Procurement Services
e-mail: lp3s@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 924-4216
fax: (434) 924-7615
Herb Porter, Jr.
Computer Network Supervisor
Housing Division
e-mail: hp3m@virginia.edu
phone: (434) 924-3542
fax: (434) 924-0652
Sue Wharam
Facilities Coordinator
Curry School of Education
e-mail: stw2f@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 924-7162
fax: (434) 924-7300
Al Sapienza
Director-Library HR & Staff Development
Library Services
Alderman Library
e-mail: ams7tz@Virginia.edu
phone: (434)243-8636
David Villiott
Project Architect
Facilities Management
e-mail: drv8n@Virginia.edu
phone: (434) 982-5908
fax: (434) 982-4628
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