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  1. ADA - The Americans with Disabilities Act: Federal legislation enacted in 1992 to accommodate disabled persons. Title I covers employers' obligations to reasonably accommodate disabled employees in the work environment (i.e., provide assistive equipment and make modifications in order not to discriminate against such employees.).
  2. CTD - Cumulative trauma disorder: Wear and tear on tendons, muscles and sensitive nerve tissue caused by continuous use over an extended period of time. Key word is "cumulative". Disorder most commonly occurs in wrists and backs.
  3. CTS - Carpal tunnel syndrome: Compression and entrapment of median nerve within the carpal tunnel. Pressure causes tingling, numbness or severe pain in wrist and hand.
  4. Deskside exercises - Changing posture and eye focus approximately 1-2 minutes/hour while remaining at workstation (i.e., stretching muscles, blinking eyes and looking into distance).
  5. ELF - Extremely low frequency (see EMF).
  6. EMF - Electric and magnetic fields produced by computer displays and other electromagnetic sources such as electrical wiring, televisions, household appliances.
  7. Ergonomics Task Force - Members of University community who have interest and knowledge about ergonomics needs and safety and who have been instrumental in developing the UVA policy. Will function as a resource to UVA managers and staff.
  8. Ergonomics - Relates to the laws and principles of work designs; making the workplace fit the person.
  9. Multiple strain injuries - Injuries (i.e., CTD, CTS, RSI) fatigue and discomfort which can occur whenever there is a force or pressure placed on the body over a long period of time or when repetitive movements are performed. Most common parts of the body that are affected by poor work habits and workstation design are the wrists, hands, shoulders, back, neck, and eyes.
  10. NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health.
  11. Non-computer related work tasks - Jobs different in nature from computer tasks which can be performed as "rest jobs" away from VDT.
  12. OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  13. RSI - Repetitive Stress Injury (See CTD).
  14. VDT - Video Display Terminal.
  15. VLF - Very low frequency (SEE EMF).
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