Mission Statement:

In order to maximize use of the UVA BSL-3/ABSL-3 (BSL-3) facility and resources, the BSL-3 Steering Committee will review research projects involving proposed use of the facility. The Committee will approve users who wish to use the facility and also proposed use, assign space and equipment to users, and approve the placement of equipment within the facility. Upon request, the BSL-3 Steering Committee will provide documentation to investigators reflecting the availability of BSL-3 facility space and resources needed to support grant proposals.

BSL-3 Steering Committee:

  • Barbara Mann, PhD
  • Jenni Branum, MBA
  • Jay Brown, PhD
  • Young Hahn, PhD
  • Tom Leonard, PhD
  • Kumari Andarawewa, DVM, PhD

Go here to register and request approval from the BSL-3 Steering Committee.

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