Non-Human Use

Radiation Safety Requirements for Use of Electron Microscopes

Radiation Safety Training for Safe Use of Analytical X-Ray Equipment

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Analytical X-ray equipment is used for X-ray diffraction analysis, fluorescence analysis, or direct X-ray transmission analysis of materials. These analytical x-ray systems are comprised of components that utilize X-rays to determine elemental composition, or to examine the microstructure of materials. These analytical x-ray devices are used for non-medical purposes. The primary objective of this program is to keep occupational exposures to radiation as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) while utilizing these types of equipment. This safety program establishes UVa procedures for the safe operation of analytical X-ray equipment and the associated potential radiation hazards.

Human Use

The Medical Physics Support Group (in the University Medical Center) is responsible for the safe use of radiation producing equipment on humans. Information regarding this program may be accessed here.

The medical physics support group should be contacted to coordinate the following activities:

  • Installation of new X-ray producing equipment
  • Registration of X-ray producing equipment
  • Inspection of X-ray producing equipment
  • Movement of existing X-ray producing equipment
  • Technical assistance and support to imaging staff
  • Calibration of radiotherapy units and performance of mandated surveys of this equipment
  • Mandated surveys of imaging equipment using ionizing radiation
  • Radiation safety training for medical staff using X-ray producing equipment

Regulations regarding the use of X-ray producing equipment are available here.

The Virginia Department of Health Radiological Health Program licenses and regulates all X-ray producing equipment. This includes registration, inspection and certification of radiation producing machines.

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