The OSHA regulation "General Industry OSHA standard 1910.1001" requires that all university employees working in buildings constructed prior to 1988 are informed about the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and/or presumed asbestos-containing materials (PACM). These materials exist in the form of fireproofing, thermal system insulation, acoustical ceiling plasters, floor tile and mastics, and many others. All buildings constructed prior to 1988 (including, but not limited to: Alderman Library, Cabell Hall, Chemistry Building, Gilmer Hall, Heating Plant, Finn Hall, Hospital West Complex, Physics Building, Ruffner Hall, and Zehmer Hall) may contain ACM.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) maintains records of all past ACM inspections within UVA buildings, and all past abatement /repair activities. To prevent accidental disturbance of ACM, EHS performs surveys prior to maintenance, renovation, and demolition projects to determine the presence of these materials. If ACM abatement or repairs are necessary, EHS designs and monitors these activities as well.

UVA Policies applicable to Asbestos:

ID:SEC-007 - Asbestos-Containing Materials Management

Lead (Pb)

Lead is a toxic metal which has been used throughout this century in such building materials as paint, pipes, solder, radiation shielding and noise barriers. To control both occupational and environmental exposure to lead dust or contamination, lead-containing materials must be identified and properly managed.

UVA’s Lead-Based Paints Management Policy includes the following:
- Testing for lead in drinking water
- Identification of lead-containing paint or other building materials prior to renovation/repair or demolition activities
- Lead abatement project design, inspections, and air monitoring by trained professionals
- Analysis of lead paint waste to determine toxicity and insure disposal

UVA Policies applicable to Lead (Pb):

ID:SEC-008 - Lead-Based Paints Management

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