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Shipping Hazardous Materials

Contact List for Guidance on Shipping Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods)

Shipment of Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) is highly regulated. Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is available to assist faculty, staff, and students who make hazardous material shipments. EHS can provide training, guidance and support services that will help ensure hazardous material shipments arrive at their destination in the safest way possible.

Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) EHS Contact Person Can be shipped by?
Hazardous Chemicals1 Adam Peters
email, 434-982-4911
EHS personnel only
Dry Ice only1
(shipping guide) (printable labels doc or pdf)4
Adam Peters
email, 434-982-4911
EHS personnel upon request
EHS trained shipper
Radiological materials1 Mike Cohen
email, 434-982-4911
Trevor Thomas
email, 434-982-4911
EHS personnel only

Infectious Substances or other biological materials2,3
(printable labels doc or pdf)4

For more information see:
Shipping Infectious Substances by Air
Transporting Infectious Substances by Ground

Ericka Pearce
email, 434-982-4911
Trained shipper in lab or department
Online training is available, here.

1All shipments of chemical or radiological materials MUST be shipped by EHS personnel. Additionally, unregulated materials on dry ice will also be shipped by EHS upon request. Materials will be picked up and taken back to the EHS office where they will be properly packaged, marked, labeled and documented for shipment. The lab will provide a PTAO to EHS to pay for shipping costs, which will be recovered from the lab of origin via cost transfer (a FedEx account number will be requested for radiological packages).

2Shipments of Infectious Substances (including those on dry ice) will continue to be the responsibility of the certified shipper and personnel must complete training every 2 years. Online training is available, here.

3Biologicals Checklists - FedEx Biologicals Worksheet (doc or pdf) and FedEx Pointers on Shipping Biologicals can provide assistance in determining how to prepare a shipment of biologicals. Note that you MUST still complete training and be certified by UVa before offering any Dangerous Good for Shipment.

4You may print and affix to your shipment using packing tape.