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Industrial Hygiene


UVA combines the characteristics of a small industrial city with those of a multidisciplinary research facility. In this complex and diverse environment, Environmental Health & Safety is UVA’s primary resource for providing expertise and advisory services for assessing the daily hazards encountered in the work place and the research laboratory.

These hazards may include physical hazards such as heat, noise and non-ionizing radiation in the form of lasers or chemical hazards encountered during laboratory research, maintenance or production activities. Dust and fume generating activities, such as sanding and cutting wood, welding, and masonry work may also create hazardous levels of inhalable particulates.

If you are planning to initiate any work process or research project that may generate or create such hazards, consult the University Industrial Hygienist (434-982-4909) in advance or by email

UVA Policies applicable to Industrial Hygiene

UVA Procedures applicable to Industrial Hygiene