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"The University of Virginia regards its moral, legal and economic responsibility for providing a safe and secure working environment for its students, faculty and staff to be a high priority. All University activities shall be conducted using reasonable precautions to protect faculty, staff, students, the public, and the environment so as to minimize dangers to life, safety and property."
-- This policy was developed by a consensus of HS administrators and approved by the Vice Presidential Planning Group 2/14/1984.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is a resource that is available to every member of the University community to help make the living, working, and learning environment safe, by promoting prudent work practices through effective education and consultation.

EHS assists individuals, departments, and committees, to achieve compliance with University, local, state and federal policies and regulations, as efficiently as possible.

EHS serves as the University’s liaison with external regulatory agencies.

EHS monitors University compliance through audit, program development, education, accident investigation, and consultation.

While every person has responsibility for his or her personal well-being, the primary responsibility for providing a healthful, safe and secure working environment rests with line management. Moreover, except for some broadly defined, University-wide services such as landscaping, heating, police, etc., the cost of maintaining a healthful, safe and secure working environment shall fall on the department or unit under whose auspices a particular activity is being conducted. Furthermore, Environmental Health & Safety will have responsibility for coordinating and monitoring the execution of all health, safety, and hazardous material use activities at the University.